ModaLisboa Spring/Summer 2019 – WORKSTATION The Designers


Introducing the designers from ModaLisboa Spring/Summer 2019 – WORKSTATION. The platform was originally created in MODALISBOA to challenge photographers to capture and show their visual perspective of everything happening during Lisboa Fashion Week. 5 designers were  invited to show their collections in the MODALISBOA MULTIPLEX kickoff, Thursday, October 11th, at Estufa Fria. Designers are António Castro, Cristina Real, Filipe Augusto, João Oliveira and Tiago Loureiro.

MULTIPLEX. An heritage, many lives.


Of traditional Portuguese name.

MARIA, a woman from Trás-os-Montes, a housewife that wears traditional attire, she covers herself with the usual chess housecoat, over which she mixes a variety of colors and patterns.

With a strong character and joyful spirit, she dedicates part of her day to take care of her precious and flowery garden. MARIA FLOR, I call her that, the one who inspires me and encourages me with what she knows best. Mother. follow


Trout Mask Replica, the brilliant point of inspiration. From a process of unbridled creative freedom, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band launched in 1969 a revolutionary album, whose compositions are characterized by the unusual blend of rhythms, textures, shades and surrealistic lyrics. The result of this glorious confusion becomes a masterpiece almost impossible which entangles naive impulses in the rigid structure of erudition.

From the same harmonic antagonism emerge “Desculpado”, of the primordial creativity impulse, almost childish and free for evaluations and prejudices, sewn forcibly in the canons of art, in the aesthetics of the moment. The conflict of ideas and themes, the opposition between reflection and intuition, the overlapping of memories and images, the obsessive attraction to the bizarre and grotesque, the provocation of awe and repulsion.

If Trout Mask Replica is capable of piercing the eardrum of the more conservative listener, so “Desculpado” intends to hurt the observer’s retina “That’s what I want!”


Real Fantasy is a journey through the inspirational dream world, where the heterogeneity of different areas plays together (art, architecture and landscape).

The works of Roberto Burle Marx, Hélio Oiticica and Oscar Niemeyer (and their technical complexity) together with the joviality sensed in Rio de Janeiro, lead us to a journey where different fragments of creative expression are intersected.

The fusion of nature with the surrounding urban space originates a lightness of expressions: the simplicity and energy of a volleyball game, the joy of a sunset and its different shades, the calçadão and its aesthetics, the softness of beach vibes, the relativity of time and of thoughts, the ambiguity of classic and modern, the freedom of everything being possible in our cloud.

This collection is synonymous with the youthful spirit revolution, informal meetings, bold ideas and opening for new adventures: the mysticism of being and living unconcerned, the uncertainty of the future, the importance of momentary pleasure.

The materials are: silk satin, musseline, pleated musseline, textured twill, synthetic fur, neoprene and sequins. The color palette includes pink, light pink, lilac, blue, light blue, green, yellow, beige and black.


“During a visit to the Prado Museum in Madrid, I was able to enjoy the most representative selection of paintings by Bosch. One in particular caught my attention: The Garden of the Earthly Delights. Understanding these “delights” as sins, I began to think about those whom I consider to be the greatest sins of our times. Among other possibilities, I have selected gentri­fication, deforestation, global warming or life in a hypersecure society as subjects of a digital print and translated them into dystopian illustrations, which, as a whole, resemble a wallpaper.”

The ambiance tells us about a garden party in the early 1930s, with linens, cotton fabrics, crepes, and muslin in soft tones such as acrylic white, beige, eggshell white, pale pink and vivid colour notes.

The silhouette was constructed from two basic patterns: a 1990 men’s blazer and pleated trousers from an earlier collection. The successive draping of their interpretations originated new garments. Each look is a consequence of the previous one. follow


A short story with a few guys in white polos and blue jeans.


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