Moglebaum extend their Grown Heart Tour

We’re excited to announce that five-piece organic-electronic band Moglebaum has extended their Grown Heart Tour! After starting some years ago as a one-man-project of music and producer student Simon Ebener-Holscher (solo aka “Moglii”), Moglebaum grew as other musicians from various backgrounds jumped on board. Since then, the electronic compositions were mixed with acoustic instruments, defining the unique soundscape and the live-character of the band, composed of beat-based music and acoustic orchestration.

Moglebaum’s music is driving, melancholic, surprising. Most of the samples are self-made, with the help of field recordings of coffee machines, shopping bags or cactuses. Bands who influenced Moglebaum’s sound might be Bonobo, as well as Mura Masa and Sohn. The name of the band has its origin in Japanese anime Pokémon. The fascination for this special fantasy world has initiated the idea for Moglebaum. Together with their friends from Lampire, they’re bringing the electronic jungle on stage. “Lampire” is a crew of lighting technologists, who have designed a very own set up of “LED trees” for the band, which they’re controlling on festivals and club shows.



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