#MondayMood Ambassadeurs – Kava

Well done guys, you’ve dealt with yet another tedious Monday! As a little pick me up to get you through the last few hours, here’s the new track from Ambassadeurs. “Kava” is the thumping new track from Mark Dobson, taken from his second album which will be released this summer. He first learnt his craft on an 8-bit Amiga computer, wrestling with the notoriously tricky Octamed while the rest of us were playing Lemmings. Well, I personally was more of a Sim City kinda gal… But enough about my thriving social life as a child, here’s our new favourite for the week!

Ambassadeurs widescreen sound spans bass heavy, ethereal electronica, through to dark ambient moments, and shimmering, melodic techno. Taking cues from dub, hip-hop, bass and jazz, but sounding like none of these genres, his distinctive style can be attributed to a Tobin-like love for turning found sounds into samples and processing them beyond recognition – creating music as unique as his talent.