Monsters – Exhibition Opening

The exhibition “MONSTERS” will take place at the Sprechsaal (in Marienstrasse, Berlin) from 14.02.2014 till the 12.04.2014. The show will present the ‘flipside of reason’ from four different perspectives all of which will examine the monstrousness and terror this speculative totality presents us with. The artists’ work will be accompanied by a full programme of talks, discussions, audio books and film. From different places, with different idea and mentality, will be present:


Amit Elan (Tel Aviv)

Amit was raised in Israel, where he attended Hamidrasha Arts Academy before fate brought him to Berlin- his home base since 2009. Amit’s diverse body of work includes painting, performance art, mixed media installations, photography and comics. His work is characterized by a bold approach to materials and themes, combined with a strong notion of sexuality, violence, the physical presence and fragility of bodies. He is exploring the realms of stripping, spiritual shaman practices, city/nature, continuousness and dreams.

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Moran Sanderovich (Tel Aviv)

“I feel in one way very vulnerable. And in the other way very powerful. That‘s the thing, I feel the two of them together all the time. That‘s what I try to show, it‘s powerful, very weird looking, cause of this weird looking it also has power.”

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Andreas Töpfer (Berlin)

Andreas Töpfer was born in BERLIN IN 1971. He studied industrial, book and communication design. In 2000, he received a DAAD grant for the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver in the area of integrated media und animation. Since then he has been working as a freelance graphic designer, designer, visual essayist, live drawing artist and art director.

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Emma von Skov (Copenhagen)

Emma von Skon is an illustrator and comic artist based in berlin.

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What, Where, When?

Monsters – Die Vermessung des Horrors at the Sprechsaal. From the 14.02.2014 till the 12.04.2014. Sprechsaal: Marienstrasse 26, 10117 Berlin, Mitte. Opening time: Wednesday till Saturday, 14h00 till 22h00.



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