motoguo SS21 – Come to us, we celebrate you

#Campaign – “See the light at the end of the tunnel? Walk towards it to see that the dark is what makes everything else shine.” During these hard times where everything seems to have halted, the label shifts focus onto the subtlety revolving around them. From their close friends’ achievements and recognitions to the label’s very own mini-milestone, each little news that came to their knowledge was sweet, heart-warming, and assuring. Together, these positivities create layers of emotions that bore the very essence of this collection. motoguo’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is a portrayal of love, happiness, and blessedness towards their most cherished ones. //

“So come to us, let’s celebrate. Big or small, we’ll celebrate it. It’ll be a celebration of a lifetime.”

The stars have aligned for us to work with the talented, divined and long-time collaborator, Zhong Lin once again. By working closely with us, she has graced us with a fresh vision of motoguo through her unique palate and eye for peculiarity.

“Our SS21 is a portrayal of love and the celebration of life, this campaign reflects exactly just that. We’ve invited characters of unique personalities to join us in our very own little universe for a grand celebration. Every face comes with a story to tell and we believe they are worth commemorating.”

motoguo is an eponymous label, founded in 2015 by Moto Guo and business partner, Jay Perry Ang accompanied by the co-creative director, Kinder Eng. Formerly started as a menswear label, motoguo has progressed into a genderless label where their collections are pushing the boundaries of gender, fashion, and fluidity, progressively creating a space for anyone in between.

With the duo’s detailed institutions, precise visions, and a certain inclination for romance, their collections are reminiscent of everyone’s childhood nostalgia immersed in whimsicality and playfulness, topped with a sparkle of cynicism.

Art Direction:
Kinder Eng @a_kinder_a_day
Zhonglin @zhonglin_

Zhonglin @zhonglin_