MOUTY Fall/Winter 2022

Founded in October 2018 in Paris, MOUTY presents a new contemporary men’s fashion – showing a casual and suave style, a subtle and soft masculinity. For the Fall/Winter 2022 season, MOUTY has imagined a very sensual collection, both elegant and rebellious. At a time when people are deprived of human contact, its pieces transpire the provocation, invite to the transgression and retranscribe the print left by the end of the 1990s on the couple of creators.
Founded by @thomasmouty & @bertillemouty
Designed in Paris.

In the eyes of Thomas and Bertille, this period is that of an erotic freedom and an assumed provocation which marked their passage to adolescence as much as their sexual education.

The cinematographic references and pop icons of the time were major sources of inspiration for this collection: George Michael and his videos, Demi Moore in Strip Tease, Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 weeks or Ryan Philippe in Cruel Intentions…

The impulses aroused by these films had to make a comeback today and they are expressed in a collection that remains true to MOUTY’s codes: instinctive fashion where the rigor of the cuts and the choice of exclusive materials sublimate a deeply vintage style that makes the brand’s identity.

Leather, transparency, python, corset, fur, silk, this collection is made to be seen, worn… and touched.

MOUTY team : Bertille Mouty (@bertillemouty), Thomas Mouty (@thomasmouty), Alice Place (@aliceet07)
Creative Director : Gabin Ducourant (@gabinducourant)
Photographer : Thomas Tebet (@tomtebet)
Assistant photographer : Javier Calderon (@iguanas_nuit)
Make-Up & Hair artist : Sarah Courroy (@sarahshimakeup)
Stylist : Iliesse West (@iliesse_w)
Models : Najib Abdi (@najibtima45), Alexandre Jemli (@alexx_jemli) and Lula-Allie Vilain (@lulallie)