Muroexe. “Supercell” Collection

Let me show you the new campaign from Muroexe. Functional Footwear for Smart Humans. Out since the beginning of October. The “Supercell” Collection marks the 2 years anniversary of the brand. Have a look by yourself. 

Muroexe_box_2 Muroexe_box Muroexe_supercell_HP_black Muroexe_supercell_HP_blue Muroexe_supercell_HP_grape_man Muroexe_supercell_HP_grape Muroexe_supercell_HP_grey Muroexe_supercell_HP_white Muroexe_supercell_LP_darkgrey Muroexe_supercell_LP_white

MUROEXE > hybrid footwear · supporting the future
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