Must See Comedy: HEIL by Dietrich Brüggemann (2015)

A comedy about Neo-Nazis in East-Germany. Unfortunately the clichés become real, so we should laugh about them. The Afro-German author Stebastian travels through Germany and as he arrives in Prittwitz, min the middle of the east-german province, he gets whacked by Neo-Nazis. Suffering from Amnesia, the leader of the pack, Sven, infiltrates him with his dumb ideologies. Sebastian starts to spread his words in talkshows and confuses the whole german media.

heil-kinoplakatSven tries to impress Doreen, a cutie Nazi-Girl and so he strikes out for one big showdown to win her heart.

Unfortunately this story is the most up-to-date movie you will see at the moment. Refugee camps are burning all over the country, PEGIDA and AfD propagate hate and fear and Beate Zschäpe refuses to tell anything about the NSU.

Brüggemann wants us to laugh about Neo-Nazis, because they’re dumb and don’t  deserve any other reaction. And when you see Johnny and Kalle, you’re not able to do anything else.

Watch this movie, it’s totally worth it.