Photo by Bruce Weber

Must See Documentary: The Wolfpack by Crystal Moselle

This documentary is breathtaking. It’s about loneliness, family and true love for films. In the center of the Lower East Side, Manhattan, seven siblings were trapped for years by their paranoid father. They weren’t allowed to go outside without him, got homeschooled by their mother and punished by their father. The oldest one is a daughter, but he seven sons were a wolfpack. The only portal to the world were movies and they watched ten thousands of them. More and more the brother started to reenact their favorite movies, transcribed every dialogue and rebuilt every item.

But then one day, one of them decided to break out and left the apartment. More and more his brothers followed him and started to discover the world. They met Crystal Moselle, a young filmmaker, who portrayed their journey into the real world.


It’s a stunning movie, because it seems unbelievable that such a big family can be without getting noticed by neighbors, mailmans or landlords. And you will recognize that you’ll never be able to love movies like this wolfpack.


You can watch the movie online at different streaming services.