Must Watch! First Trailer of „The Danish Girl“

Another queer movie, another heated debate. Should only trans*actors/actresses play trans*characters or should Hollywood still stay open for the big names to reach the biggest available audience?  „The Danish Girl“ adapts the same named novel, the true story about Lili Elbe, a danish painter who’s been one of the first man-to-woman-transgender who went through a gender reassignment.

liliBorn as Einar Mogens Wegener in 1882, she studied painting at the Royal Danish Art School, where she met Gerda Gottlieb. Their love was very passionated and open minded and so they went to Paris in 1912, where Gerda also wanted to live her lesbian life. More and more, first as a model for Gerdas fashion sketches, Lili discovers her true ego and wants the change. So she gets her first operation in Berlin at the Magnus-Hirschfeld-Institute in 1930 and two following in Dresden. In 1931 she dies, caused by the complications.

The trailer of Tom Hoopers movie looks impressive, the look is totally Art nouveau, kind of Tara Lempicka.original

Last years Oscar winner and leading actor Eddie Redmayne looks absolutely stunning. He talked a lot about his queerness and how much it helped him in this role. I wish, it’s not for the second Oscar. But I guess he’s simply a good guy and actor. Seeing Alicia Vikander (Ex_Machina) again in a completely different role will also be a pleasure.

We’ll see in January 2016. Let’s hope it works and won’t be another icky attempt of Hollywood to reach our LGBTQA* hearts.