Must Watch Movie: About Ray

„About Ray“ by Gab Della! That’s what I call a super cast: Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning in a modern and sensitive drama about the transgender teen Ray. Ramona, outstanding and (sorry, that’s sexist!) supercutie I-want-to-buy-you-a-beer-at-the-Olfe Elle Fanning, is not a girl, he’s a boy, he’s Ray: Recognizing this he has to deal with his family and the family with him. His mother, performed by a great Naomi Watts, struggles with the situation but accepts Ray very soon. Her feminist lesbian mother, our beloved and queer icon Susan Sarandon, trapped in her opinion about gender, don’t want to lose her granddaughter. „Why can’t she just be a lesbian?“ Well, that’s a lot of conflict and drama and family power, but after all of the members accepted that he needs a transition they figure out, that the long-time-no-see daddy also needs to sign the agreement. He denies. So Ray visits him and his new family and we figure out, that not every person on this planet is born stubborn.

The tempers are high at the queer community, especially after Emmerichs „Stonewall“-desaster: Should Cis-gendered actors perform as Trans*?

elle1-480x279I guess, we should compromise between reality and the visibility for this issue. For sure, it’s not fair when there are so many great Trans*actors and actresses, but we should never forget, that a lot of people don’t even know anything about the existence of a third gender or gender free people etc. So we should give it a try and use the fame of those three great cis-women and reach even the people somewhere deep down in Texas or where ever and start thinking about it.

The trailer is pathetic, but I am sure, that this project is another respectful approach on a important topic like „boys don’t cry“ or „Transamerica“.