MusteSee Movie: Janis: Little Girl Blue by Amy Berg (2015)

A documentary about a Rock-n-Roll idol we’ve been waiting for that long. Singer/Songwriter Cat Power reads the private letters  of Janis Joplin and it’s heartbreaking. Janis Joplin is an idol of the Sixties, but she wasn’t that kind of Hippie girl. She was full of pain and got the Blues and she gave the Blues a new (white) voice.

Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas she always been interested in art and music and left her hometown with 17 and switched a lots of colleges and returned in 1962. Her career started in 1965, known all over the town for her special look.

Her „special“ look always been a theme, she’s always been full of complexes, dued to her bad skin. That and her deep and sad thoughts were a bad mixture with her lifestyle: Sex, drugs, alcohol. She died in 1970 by a golden shot: after months in rehab she simply had an overdose, the Heroine been too pure. A lots of more people died at that night because of this stuff.

She’s the first woman of the Club 27 and she’s still missed. Her letters an the interviews with her friends and family give us an exceptional look behind the curtain and the motor of her creativity.

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