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Music is a piece of art that goes in your ears straight to you heart with the right headphones. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the new Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones by URBANEARS. November 9th 2017 marks a new era for music lovers: Urbanears releases Plattan 2 Bluetooth, a headphone modeled after their bestselling headphone of all times but with one important difference: It cuts ties with the cord entirely, and goes beyond the industry standard with 30+ hours of wireless playtime. The headphone is available in the five classic and iconic Urbanears colors: Black, Dark Grey, Indigo, Tomato, and White. An urban must have for hours of music. Move and dance around freely and listen to music without the hassle of cords. Plattan 2 Bluetooth is now available for purchase online at and at select retailers worldwide.

The new classic

wireless headphone

To celebrate Plattan 2 Bluetooth’s 30+ hours of wireless playtime and the legacy of the textile-wrapped cord, Urbanears has teamed up Sandra Backlund. A Swedish knitwear fashion designer with an exam from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. She graduated in 2004 and founded her own label the same year. Since then her work has been selected and supported by some of the most important editors and exhibition curators in the world. Sandra Backlund helped to transform 4,500 meters of cords into five architectural pieces of wearable art. WE LOVE IT! The perfect fit for the Plattan 2 Bluetooth by URBANEARS.

#Urbanears #Plattan2BT

When Urbanears came to me with the

idea of working with their cords it piqued

my curiosity. I love experimenting

with different shapes and

materials so I was definitely up to the


In the present, recently known as the future, Urbanears strives to create magic where people and technology meet. In addition to 30+ hours of wireless playtime per charge, Plattan 2 Bluetooth offers a crisp, full spectrum sound experience with up to 10 meters of listening range. The headphone is smartphone compatible and music is navigated using a single, intuitive control knob. Other features include an ergonomic fit, music sharing plug-in, and collapsible design for easy portability.


Plattan 2 Bluetooth combines the iconic Plattan design
and the typical Urbanears colors:


Dark Grey




Plattan 2 Bluetooth is now available for purchase online at and at select retailers worldwide.



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Fashion and knitwear by Sandra Backlund

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