MustHave: Raumfeld One S – Wi-Fi Speaker

The sound of Berlin! We are crazy in LOVE with the Raumfeld One S – Wi-Fi Speaker. A little speaker with big ambitions when it comes to features, design and, of course, sound. Preset buttons allow you to program your favourite streams from music services, internet radio and your own private music collection for immediate access to your favourite tunes.

3-way technology, side-mounted passive bass radiators and a class D amplifier make the One S much more than just a compact, easily placed Wi-Fi speaker: This little sonic wonder is capable of powerful playback that can fill even larger rooms with transparent sound. Non-fussy silicone buttons, an aluminium control panel and a matte lacquer exterior give visual expression to the system’s self-confident, premium sound. A humidity resistant design makes the One S ideal for the office, bathroom and kitchen environments.


Pint-sized Wi-Fi speaker

  • Mini Wi-Fi speaker with impressive room-filling sound Compact streaming speaker for push button access to millions of songs
  • Multi-room enabled system with support for a wide range of audio files, including lossless
  • Driven by 50 watt bi-amping technology for dynamic bass performance
  • Preset buttons on the device for programing your favourite streams
  • Simple wireless setup & intuitive controls via free app


10845963_395848473901637_5017089859062529502_nThe Raumfeld Story
Raumfeld was founded in 2008 in Berlin, Germany by Stephan Schulz and Michael Hirsch, two audiophiles and early pioneers of the movement towards better digital sound. At a time when most people were still marveling at the convenience of MP3 players, Schulz and Hirsch were thinking of ways to improve the quality of digital music playback. Their solution was to develop a wireless multi-room system that could stream high quality audio files and reproduce them the way the artist intended.  In 2010, Raumfeld’s advanced software was joined to premium audio components following its acquisition by the Berlin Acoustics Group. Home to the German loudspeaker manufacturer Teufel, the Berlin Acoustics Group gave Raumfeld access to over 35 years’ experience creating state-of-the-art audio systems. In-house development in the two brands’ common Berlin headquarters facilitates the exchange of ideas and innovation.
True wireless high fidelity
The Raumfeld smart hi-fi system brings together cutting-edge networking technology with a commitment to quality audio hardware and meticulous workmanship. A free app for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets allows the entire system to be intuitively and centrally controlled so that Raumfeld speakers in other rooms can play different songs or the same music utterly synchronously. This is great news for a family with different musical preferences or for blasting party tunes throughout your home at your next big get-together. Raumfeld ensures that what you want to hear is always a finger tap away.


Rediscover your love of music
Raumfeld’s advanced streaming technology, commitment to using only the best audio hardware and meticulous workmanship combine the convenience of streaming with the ability to produce playback in any room of your home that is every bit as transparent, dynamic and immersive as that from a traditional wired hi-fi solution.

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