MustSee: „Anomalisa“ by Charlie Kaufman 2015

The genius of experiment did it again: Kaufman explores the human soul and its sadness and he’s using puppets for it. The writer of „Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind“ and „Being John Malkovich“ realized his second work as a director and it’s awesome. He made a stop motion movie with puppets that were printed in 3-D. An obviously defect in the face of its protagonists.

Michael Stone (spoken by David Thewlis), an author of non-fiction, is trapped in his own world, he doesn’t recognize the differences between individuals and can’t bond with them. But on a work trip he meets Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh, who’s recently nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Tarantino’s „Hateful 8“) and his world goes upside down.


The opinions about this movie are splitted: some say it’s way of too absurd and boring, some are impressed how tangible some situations were and how he describes anxiety and fear. Howsoever: Kaufmann is the master of melancholy and you should give it try for it’s unique technique and looks.