MustSee Movie: Carol by Todd Haynes (2015)

Todd Haynes did it again: he portrays the forbidden love between two women in the 1950’s, an adaption of the very personal novel by Patricia Highsmith with Carol Blanchett and Rooney Mara. The story takes place in a snowy festive New York: the young artist Therese works in a big department store as a saleslady as she meets Carol, an elegant woman living in divorce. They’re fascinated by each other and get closer and closer, ignoring status and age. But Carol’s future ex-husband blackmails her: if she decides to live this way he will take away her daughter. And Therese also struggles with all that pressure.

Haynes tells this story in an extremely elegant look as he did in „Far from Heaven“, you can feel the 50’s and all the pressure that queer people had to live with. Patricia Highsmith published the novel „The Price of salt“ in 1952 as her alter ego Claire Morgan, because the semi-autobiographical story was too daring these days.


High smith hated adaptions of her books, but a friend said, that she would love this one, because Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara were so close to her figures.


And yes, we should talk about Cate and Rooney for a second: their energy is prickly. How they look at each other and ignore the circumstances (in the beginning) is pretty hot. Well… I mean… They’re the dream couple of the year and I’ve got a feeling it’s not just because of the Oscar season, it’s because Haynes told the story of true love in rough surrounding.