#MustSee Movie: Ghostbusters (2016) by Paul Feig

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! And yes! Especially those feminazis, because they’re the coolest thing you will see in a blockbuster. 2016. The internet. A trailer for a remake of a silly 80’s cult movie goes online. Nothing special? Indeed: it’s “Ghostbusters“ and the four heroes are women. Actually the recent funniest comediennes of the USA: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate MacKinnon and Leslie Jones. The internet goes nuts, not of joy, but of pure sexist and racist hate. The trailer got over a million thumbs down on Youtube, a sad all-time record. Some guys cried, because they don’t use the same weapons as in the original. Yes, Hollywood always did this in any sequel that’s taking place over thirty years later.

Dan Akroyd (former Ghostbuster and now executive producer) sold the soul of this movie, we all waited so long for a third movie with the old team! The old team- Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson- actually weren’t looking forward for a reunion and unfortunately Ramis died two years ago. (Do all those all-of-a-sudden super nerds know that there is a PC Game, known as the real “Ghostbusters 3“?)


It’s not okay, they’re just doing it for the money! So commercial! Well, it’s okay, that Nicolas Cage does bad movies just for the money. But women? Hell, no. Did the internet freak out that way because of “Karate Kid“? I haven’t seen one mad comment about the new “IT“ version so far. Like: “That clown doesn’t look like the original!“

Those are just the nicer “arguments“ about the remake. Other guys just talked about feminazis that take away our idols. Sorry guys, the Ghostbusters were our heroes, too.

Women can’t be Ghostbusters! They can and they did, honey darling.


We don’t want to see a laboratory bod licking on her proton arms. A white male or Megan Fox can lick anything they want to. It’s a bad manner anyways, isn’t it?

And the most evil thing: Milo Yiannopoulos started a hate campaign against the black actress Leslie Jones. People called her fat, ugly, looking like a gorilla. For sure: male, white and hetero journalists just call him a troll, but guys: he’s Trumps little gay Nazi boy who bashes faggots and gender queers. His twitter account got deleted, he’s proud of it and the hate is out there. Thank you, Milo. A gay nazi-conservative man is weird and not a harmless joke. And shame on you (hetero)guys, that you’re not even ashamed of your 1950-ish manners and conscious of your privileges, you detected yourself and how much we need female role models in this world. And all that annoying shit happened BEFORE the movie went onto the big screen. So I needed to visit the cinema, because I want to know what’s the cant all about. And in the end it’s a charming action movie including all the sexist jokes the world seems to need.


I really liked the movie, although it’s almost exactly the same story as the original. It’s super nice that three women are able to work as scientists. Unfortunately only the white women are the super-brains, the woman of color works as their driver. She’s pretty smart, but she didn’t achieve a doctor’s grade. I don’t know if this is just racist or the portray of a still racist society? Both, I guess. And that’s where the script reveals its biggest mistake: it stuck too close to the original movie. It’s 32 years later, the world could’ve changed a little bit more, even if it’s just a fantasy movie. Call me naive, but where if not in Hollywood?

Photos taken at the premiere show a lot of little girls admire their female idols, so why not a doctor’s grade for everyone? No-one needs to be professor to understand this entertaining action movie. The jokes made by men are sexist as they were in 1984, but the ladies are hilarious. Every single of them stays in her kind of humor and stand up comedy, Kristen Wiig shows a little bit of her Target-cashier-like dumbness and Kate McKinnon is simply nuts and her nerdy (maybe queer?) being hits it! She’s the best and I instantly fell in love with her. Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones are also great, but they don’t have so big moments. Doesn’t matter, they’re still great.

Another cute joke is Chris Hemsworth as dense, but pretty hot concierge, daily conditions were turned upside down. I like his self-irony. The story isn’t new, it’s kind of exactly the same twist as 1984. Most of the old cast members have cameos and you gonna love Bill Murray being Bill Murray. But it’s still entertaining, the ghosts are really cool and it’s hard to realize that all the guys went berserk and can’t handle four women in an action movie. The world’s confused by a conservative backlash, it’s obvious since the hate campaign.

The story isn’t a feminist breakthrough, replacing male leading roles with women after 32 years shouldn’t be a sensation, but all the bullshit that happened around it made it a sensation. It’s a trashy blockbuster with a lots of illogical mistakes and dialogues. Just grab a bag of popcorn, shut up and enjoy those hilarious feminazis, surrounded by our beloved green slime. If humor won’t change the world nothing ever will. Okay, Hillary Clinton, because she will win. Get over it.


Fun fact: If you watch the German dubbed version, you gonna hear the voice of my friend and Volksbühne star Daniel Zillmann. Yes, you made it, boy.

  1. It’s always good to read an article to the end it seems. ;) At first I thought you would just give the movie a glowing review just because of the BS it had to go through before it started. But in the end you point out that there are some problems, but they can be overlooked when you just give in to the fun, thanks. :) What makes me intrigued is part of your sentence:”…including all the sexist jokes the world seems to need”. What do you mean by that?

    To me the biggest turn off is part of the art style. Don’t get me wrong. The packs look great, Ecto 1 looks cool, I love their new gadgets. but for me the ghosts don’t click. It looks a bit too video-gamey for me personally. But that is just my preference, as is the fact that the humor in this movie is far more up front as it was in the original. For me you could say when the first one was a Horror-Comedy… this one is a Comedy-Horror so to speak.

    None of these things should have resulted in the partly disgusting backlash it got when the all female cast was announced. Neither should all people that called the trailers bad or said they didn’t want to see the movie be called misoginists. That would be far to easy for all our work in this field of our lives. Too many people were throwing BS around and because of what?

    For a movie that, in conclusion, was a fun ride, the ladies were doing a great job. As you said it’s a trashy, charming and fun action movie with some errors and fails. Female leads shouldn’t be a problem in 2016 and to most people I know, they aren’t. They take their heroes as they come. And that’s how it should be.



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