MustSee Movie: „Le tout nouveau testament“ by Jack Van Dormael (2015)

This world sucks and we need a whipping boy for it. So it’s God himself: he’s a grumpy old misanthrope living in Bruxelles and tortures the world with war and epidemics whenever he’s having a bad day. And his daughter Ea gets so sick of his stuff that she decides to hack his computer and let every one know the day of his death. As expected everyone goes nuts and so Ea wants to write a brand-new Testament and build a new clique of Apostles and everything. God won’t accept this and so the hunt begins.

This satire is more philosophic experiment than a comparison of our values: what would you do with the rest of your life if you find out the end of it?

Brand New Testament © Kris Dewitte (2) - credit-0-2000-0-1125-crop

Catherine Deneuve plays a little part in it and she’s hilarious. The whole cast is a bunch of well-known faces and you should watch this beautiful photographed comedy before the insane Christmas terror begins!