MustSee Movie: „Love“ in 3D by Gaspar Noé (2015)

The director who shocked the world with his intense and brutal movies „Irreversibel“ and „Enter the Void“ is back and this time he chose opulently and colorful pictures in 3D to tell an strong story about love. Murphy and Electra live their intense love in Paris, they try everything, their live is determined by drugs, sex and any experiment you can find. Sure about their symbiotic existence they invite Omi into their bed and so the complex relationship explodes. Murphy meets Omi without Electra and when she gets pregnant, Electra leaves.

Murphy’s heart is broken, he grieves about the lost for years…


This movies is full with explicit scenes (peeeniiiis in 3D), it’s banned in Russia, and it all seems like a porn. But it’s not, it’s a movie about love, failing and all the mistakes you make that lead to the big loss of the one. The colorful memories totter between wonderful and dreadful, just like our brains works, a hurting experience.


I am a big fan of 3D movies and I love how many independent and arthouse directors discover it for their work. And no-one expected Noé to be one of them!

Cast: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin