#MustSee Movie: “The Girl King“ by Mika Kaurismäki (2015)

God save the Queen. Especially a queer one. This historical biopic, directed by the brother of Kaurismäki, shows a portrait of the Swedish Queen Kristina (1626-1689), who was a brilliant leader and philosopher in a patriarchal world. Raised like a boy she had the knowledge, influence and power to stop the Thirty Years’ War, that almost destroyed Europe, as she planned it as a child. This modernizing Queen, who also is known for raids through European art collections and museums, is also loved for being an eccentric and independent stubborn head, who quitted her job on her own.

Kaurismäki shows her adolescence and how her male environment gets nuts as they find out that she fell in love with her Countess Ebba Sparre. Draaama.

The hot actress Malin Buska is raised by two big Kristina-Fans, her mother and her aunt, and when she and Kaurismäki met, he instantly knew, that she’s perfect for that part. Unfortunately this interesting story turned out a little bit to stiff and stuck in its historical context. But we definitely should give it a try: how many strong women in history do we know? Yep, exactly.


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