#MustSee: Pelo Malo/Bad Hair by Mariana Rondón

This Venezuelan movie been on nearly every Film Festival in this world and won a lot of awards. My former flatmate from Venezuela loves this film about a tiny boy in a rough world and now it’s finally in German theaters. Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is a rough place, ruled by violence and poverty, not a surrounding for a dreamer. But nine-year old Junior is a dreamer.

pelomaloHis yearbook photo shoot will be soon and he wants to look like a popular singer, but he needs straight hair for this. So he tries to iron his frizzy curls all the time and this vanity disturbs his widowed and strictly mom. He wants him to grow up tough, because he needs to fight for himself in that society and she’s pretty sure, a gay boy isn’t able to do so. Pelo Malo also is a racist synonym: bad hair means bad race. The pressure grows and the discovery of the reality is heartbreaking for Junior.

Venezuela is one of the poorest countries in the world, reigned by corruption and nepotism. How can a child blast those borders? We will find out and watch this charming guy in a impressive and also depressive scenery!

Sad fact: Julio Mendez, one of the amateur actors, was shot in 2015 in Caracas on the street.
Cast: Samuel Lange Zambrano, Nelly Ramos, Samantha Castillo, Julio Mendez