MustSee: “Polish Shit / Polskie gówno“ by Grzegorz Jankowski (2014)

FilmPolska: 11th Polish Film Festival in Berlin! Leading actor Tymon Tymański is a well known underground musician and artist in Poland and he’s vibrant as dynamite. With his head full of ideas and a life on the road, that brings a lot of experiences, this restless guy decided to make a movie about it. The project started in 2010 but without any plan or producer, it failed very soon. After a few years in the drawer it started again in 2014. This time Tymański found a director, a producer and a crew and a little bit of money and the result is a funny road movie and punk musical.

Polish Shit – off musical trailer from Film it on Vimeo.

tsnhacvjTymon is in his 40’s and still not settled. Being on tour his whole life, owing his friends money and outstanding debts, he’s still depended on his father and he’s also not happy about that. One day a marshal knocks on their door, he wants to collect the debt. Realizing Tymon’s not able to do this, he offers him to be his new manager. If he can reunite the band “Tranzystory“ they will start a big tour and release a new album. And so the road trip into every tiny city of Poland starts and the characters are surprising.

This low budget project is maybe the funniest thing you will see for a long time! Every single character has a deep story, but it never slips into a kitschy cliché thing like: “We need to tell a real deep story, because we don’t want this movie to be too silly!“ And the silly parts are hilarious.
Tymański is maybe like a polish Henry Rollins, but with the schnaps… a lot of schnaps. So I am pretty sure that a lot of the told stories are true and he met all those potheads and maniacs. Once more we see that maybe a really good idea is enough for a great movie, if you’ve got the passion. (But having money makes it easier, I know.)