#MustSee: The Lobster by Gorges Lanthimos (2015)

After more than a year jumping between all the film festivals, the YORCK group finally took this pearl of black humor into its program. A totally MUST SEE!!! The story takes place in a dystopian world, where no-one’s allowed to be single. If you become on you’re forced to stay in a hotel to find a new partner in 45 days otherwise you will be turned into an animal and going to live in the woods. David is a single, his wife left him for another guy.

So he checks in, his only buddy is his dog, who actually was his brother. Soon he finds new friends: one can’t walk and the other can’t talk. They philosophize about the animals they want to be and how to find a partner – things don’t really work out. They’re trapped in a bloody system, they’re even forced to hunt each other in the woods. David meets a creepy woman, but time is running… There is a change to break out of the system, but it means a sparse life in the woods, without love… I really don’t want to spoil you, you just have to watch it and get surprised.


The cast is amazing and after watching this piece of blackest humor I understand why the world loves Colin Farell that much. He’s simply a great actor. And he meets the beautiful Rachel Weisz. And the stubborn Léa Seydoux. Yes, still got a crush on her. Crazy convincing blondes with cute noses. I’m a little amused by the fun fact, that the wife of James Bond is in movie with the actual Bond Girl.


Other great names are Ben Whishaw, who I really adore since his appearance in a “Years&Years“ video clip. Mr. Cellophane: John C. Reilly, the well known actor in a supporting role. Those are the names we know, but every other actor/actress is just great, especially Olivia Colman as the hotel manager or Aggeliki Papoulia as the heartless woman.


Beneath all the fun and absurd scenes, the look is great. The hotel is like a beige greenish 70’s nightmare, the city aseptic and the forest so green and dark. Just go and watch this stylish masterpiece!