MustSee: WILD by Nicolette Krebitz (2016)

The former New Order Cover-Girl and outstanding German artist Nicolette Krebitz’ new work is a feature film, whose radicality  leaves every critic breathless. Ania (Yes, with an I, not J!) is a young introvert woman that lives in a depressing surrounding with a boring job and a mean boss. One day on her way home she sees a wolf in the neighborhood of her block and she’s fascinated. Getting more and more in touch with him, she isolates herself and becomes a wild creature: she falls in love with him.

This movie is a wild experiment, the story and the pictures aren’t easy to deal with. It’s art on a high level, not everyone will like it.

Lilith Stangenberg, the beautiful member of the Berliner Volksbühne ensemble, is an excessive actress and how she bonds with the untamable wolf is remarkable. I don’t know which actress could be that uncompromising at the moment: being a Pollesch-actress is the perfect training.

Watch this movie, but beware that the pictures aren’t easy to take, although the<‚re on a high artistic level.