MustWatch Movie: Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano (2015)

A moving drama about two men who need to leave Burkina Faso for a better live in Europe. After their illegal boat capsizes they land in Italy and no-one waited for them. Times are rough. The „Refugee crisis“ started years ago and especially Lampedusa in Italy had to manage a lot of people that searched for a better life in Europe. Carpignano gives them a face. The two best friends Ayiva and Abas want to start a better life for their families like a lot of young african men. But they land in a rough surrounding where they’re exploited slave like by farmers. More and more they feel home and find friends, but than italian villagers want to „keep their home clean“.

It’s terrifying that so many movies are right on time and show us the trouble of getting to Europe beyond all the closed borders and walls! It didn’t happen surprisingly over night and we need movie like this to recognize the importance of empathy and help. Unfortunately I am pretty sure that not a single „besorgter Bürger“ Pegida-asshole will watch this.


Not-finny-fact: leading man Koudous Seihon still isn’t allowed to move wherever he wants to, although he travelled through Europe with this movie.