MustWatch Movie: „The Walk“ by Robert Zemeckis (2015)

In 2008 the french Oscar winning documentation „Man on Wire“ stole everybody’s hearts. It’s been about Philipp Petit, a french tight rope walker, who strained a rope between the two new built World Trade Center in 1974 and walked over it.

And now Super Director Zemeckis made a motion picture about it with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit and a few other stars like Ben Kingsley. And yes, he made it in 3-D and it’s breathtaking. If you suffer from acrophobia you should be aware that it was reaaaaallyyyyy high and that Zemeckis is a visionary. It’s also a thrilling story, because Petit and his team needed to overbear a lot of barriers to get on this high place. Gordon-Levitt is charming and his campaigner this one on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram was huge. He looks creepy with his blue-eye lenses and I think they’re needless for the story, but sometimes Hollywood’s running wild on the wrong details.

I don’t know if we need a remake of an european movie again, but I appreciate that more and more non-animators realize alle the opportunities of the 3-D technology. It’s trippy and an experiment, that made a lot of people puke at the theater toilets.