#OneToWatch! May I introduce you to a menswear brand called Nabil Volkers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And his debut Spring Summer 2017 Collection – called: Experiment 01! Nabil has always been drawn to the dark side of life, both out of conscience and from life’s experience. Surviving it has fuelled an inner strength in him, from which birthed his creativity.



Currently at an age of creative inquisitiveness, this Raffle’s College of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia graduate surprisingly did not start off in fashion. Photography was his earliest passion and through his portrait works an epiphany struck him: His subject’s clothing strongly personifies the individual. Thus, the Nabil Volkers brand was born.



His design philosophy is simple; “To translate the idea of the garment in your own voice.” He moots the idea of drawing strength from the downside of life and with his designs as their “armour”, individuals can empower themselves with the Nabil Volkers vision without losing their self identity. His tertiary days saw the release of a capsule and his graduate collection, exhibiting pieces that would soon set the tone, silhouette and ultimately the brand message. All of his design efforts led to the culmination of his debut collection, EXPERIMENT 01.


Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 held stage for his debut menswear line, showcasing the many fabrics, techniques and diverse styling of his pieces, true to the brand. Just as he likes his pieces cohesive yet diverse, this creative vibe echoes throughout his brand, which is to appeal to different personas in a mass market of norms, every person loudly seeking acceptance from others, but most importantly, silently from themselves.

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Contact: / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM @nabilvolkersofficial

Photography – Carlos Khu
Hair/Make up – Shawn Goh
Models – Lily, Tsun, Irfran Syah, Jesper Chun, Terimunite Chandran, Suraya Hanis, Kelvin Tan, Natan Squersato

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