#OneToWatch! Photographer Olga Tarr captured Alexander Semenov. Styled by Alexey Naidenov using all fashion by NAIDAL. An independent fashion brand – Pioneers of customizing of fashion in Russia. NAIDAL brand clothing is created by fashion designer Alexey Naidenov. Every piece of clothing from the collection is made by hand and issued as a limited edition. NAIDAL clothes and accessories that are sold in clothing stores are ready-to-wear-de luxe clothes.

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“The main concept NAIDAL devoted to travel. In each collection, we create images of travelers, and we are telling about their travels. Esthetics NAIDAL is a combination of styles from different times. In the elements clothing design can be seen the influence of Russian and old Slavic costume. A distinctive feature design of NAIDAL – it’s realism, which is expressed in intentionally battered, shabby form.”

Photography by Olga Tarr / Instagram: @cbofali
Model is Alexander Semenov / Instagram: @sashasveck
Design & Style by Alexey Naidenov / Instagram: @alexey_naidenov

All clothing NAIDAL