Nero Studio Spring/Summer 2020

Introducing new fashion brand Nero Studio and its Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. Photography by Gustavo Kievel. Makeup by Jonatan Nogueira and Jaque Celestino. Styling by Vika Schmitz. All clothing by Nero Studio. Production by Shico Menegat.

I’m a 23 year old fashion designer from the south of Brazil. I’ve decided to create my own brand after a lot of thinking and research. I always liked streetwear, but lately I started to think it became something more marketable and less representative. So I decided to create my first collection from an interpretation of the times we are living in, specially in Brazil, a time of uncertainty and growing repression. The union between tailoring and streetwear has become a bridge between a more formal way of dressing and a symbol of power with the representation of a more contemporary and functional clothing. This was the proposal for the first collection of Nero Studio, my brand’s name.

For this campaign, called “Cólera”, which in Portuguese means “feeling of violent opposition to what harms”, the concept for the photoshoot was the proposal of an fanciful atmosphere, an escape from stiffness. Immersed in an environment of classical architecture, models perform with drastic make-up and plaster masks, simulating dramatic facial expressions. The aim is to play with this dynamic between hope/reality, feeling/performance, madness/sobriety.

Photography by Gustavo Kievel / Instagram: @gkievel
Photography Assistance by Mariana Korman / Instagram: @marikorman
Makeup by Jonatan Nogueira and Jaque Celestino / Instagram: @hauztudio and @jaque_celestino
Production by Shico Menegat / Instagram: @shicomenegat
Production Assistance by Vitória Fronza / Instagram: @vfronza
Styling by Vika Schmitz / Instagram: @krunshe
Models are:
Victória Albuquerque signed at Aro Model Manager / Instagram: @vic_alb
Felipe Ranzan signed at Aro Model Manager / Instagram: @felipe.ranzan
Kinuany Moraes signed at Joy Model Management / Instagram: @kinuumoraes
Gabriel Pagnussatti / Instagram: @bringmebliss


All clothing is Nero Studio, accessories are stylist’s own.