photo from iD Japan


#FLAMINGO: if you do not know already: Candy Ken is an Austrian rapper, model and artist. He started his career in 2014 and is known for combining a masculine appearance with feminine pop culture. He started his rap career in Berlin with techno hits like “Basic Bitches” and “Riff Raff is my Daddy”! In 2017 Candy Ken started working with producer “Kollektiv Sandgasse” changing his music style drastically and moving his way into the trap genre. 

They released the EP “Candy Trap” followed my by many music-videos on YouTube. NOW in 2018 they worked out Candy Kens second album called “Flamingo”.

This project is something very different and if ur used to the old Candy Ken buckle up!  We are about to learn a much more emotional and sensitive side of Ken rapping about love and breakups as well as being alone and outsider in society.

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The music itself feels warm and vintage mixed with american trap and a Candy Ken that sings from the bottom of his heart. This international trap album includes 11 SONGS in 4 different languages (german, english, portuguese and russian) from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Russia, Spain and the US ! Starring the following musicians: Fiákra, Ripparachie, The Ji, Kobra Kei, Daniela Blume, Jesse Sunset, Mister Gada and Destroy Sunset.

All in all a very personal and private piece of work.