New Sound: The Sunshine Spectacular

May I introduce you to Tasmania-based electro-indie band The Sunshine Spectacular and the new single “Family Fires” out since Dec. 1st on Cafe Superstar Recordings. I really like the easy going-sunny-sound. The Sunshine Spectacular, aka Anthony Rochester, has blessed the indie-scene for many years with his beautifully crafted songs drifting from his island home of Tasmania. Do yourself a favour, give your ears a treat and check out this new release!

His musical style is usually in the vein of easy-listening indie pop, and he has released records on labels Radio Khartoum, Jigsaw Records and others. The Sunshine Spectacular is an alternate project where he puts down the guitar, switches on the synthesizers and drum machines, and then picks up the guitar again. Although he works in a laboratory and would never be seen in a night club himself, Anthony’s multi-instrument and production skills have taken to electro-pop like a duck to water, or a bee to a flower, or a… well, he’s a natural. His voice has been likened to Erlend Øye and Damon Albarn, and here he combines some of his unique indie style with the sound of electro-pop.

Anthony has strong ties to the members of Musique Le Pop, another major band on the Café Superstar label. Elisabeth from Musique Le Pop provided backing vocals on “Family Fires”, and Jon from the same band made an excellent remix of the track as his alter ego Safariari. Anthony has also contributed to several records from Christoffer’s Remington Super 60 project – not to mention that he has visited Norway twice! / @Facebook