New Video: Brooke Candy´s “Nasty”

Let´s start the day with the new Brooke Candy video NASTY. Shot by world-renowned photographer and filmmaker Rankin. The vid is “one part Charlie Chaplin…one part John waters…one part Pam and Tommy’s sex tape…. the 2016 pop music version of ‘How to Marry a Millionaire,’” Brooke said in a statement.  The video premiered on HUNGER.TV

“It was some of the best energy on set I had ever had,” Brooke tells Hunger TV, who premiered the video. “What makes a good video? Er, positive energy, a natural flow of creativity, like the video that we shot.. that was just easy breezy. Just delightful. You can’t take it too seriously you know? And definitely animals too. A caretaker for the animals, a sick director, obviously. Proper costumes and weird costume, hair and make-up… Actually one of my strengths is being creative without having to break the bank. You know it doesn’t take a million dollars to make something visually enticing.” She added, “and a solid performance, that’s what it’s really about – you need to believe what you’re performing. That will always overshadow everything and it’s actually easier to do that with less. If you have a massive sound stage and a million dancers and all that fucking stupid hoopla, it just starts to feel all so unnecessary. A real performer doesn’t need anything apart from a fucking spotlight.”