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NICCE Spring/Summer 2019

#LookBook – NICCE is on the road with the new collection in the skate and hip-hop scene of the Bronx. The 2019 summer styles combine street and sportswear with subcultural brand aesthetics.

This summer, NICCE shows what the Bronx skate and hip-hop scene is wearing. The key piece of the season – a multicolour tracksuit – is inspired by the legendary motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel. A symbiosis of oversized silhouettes and vintage details characterizes the looks for the upcoming season.

Colour Blockings pull through the styles in bold yellow, black and red as well as pastel shades. The collection brings together the colour palettes of the early breakdance culture, the 80s skater scene and the impressive sunsets of Glastonbury. Marine turns into a subdued ocean blue, black adds a silver grey, and red is reminiscent of a beach dipping into a shimmering pink in the evening light. We love the colour line. Find out more at