Зимы нет совсем

KALTBLUT presents “Зимы нет совсем” (translation from Russian: No Winter Forever). Starring Fee Schultz. Produced by rro.berlin. A video production and post-production studio founded by Diana Vishnevskaia and Igor Tsvetkov. Rro.berlin works with fashion, music videos, mini-docs.

Directed by Diana Vishnevskaia. A videographer and fine artist. Born in the suburbs of Moscow, spent the biggest part of her life in St.Petersburg and then moved to Latvia, Diana has strong feelings towards leftist revolutionary symbols.

The video is a celebration of May Day, international labour day. The “working class” model spends a day in storage, the paradise of boxes, interacting with leftist forms and shapes.

All clothes and objects for this project were found on the streets of Berlin, flea markets and swaps. Fashion is fun, not consumption.

Produced by rro.berlin / www.rro.berlin / IG @rro.berlin

Director, camera, color: Diana Vishnevskaia/ cargocollective.com/dianavishnevskaya / IG @no_future_forever

Model: Fee Schultz / IG @thepixiewhite / from www.izaio.de / IG @izaio.modelmanagement

Style: Nika Zvereva / IG @nikazvereva

Make up: Julia Schwittai / IG @juliaschwittai

Gaffer: Tatiana Hahn / www.anoring.com / IG @anoring

Editor, sound designer: Igor Tsvetkov / www.igorzwetkow.com / IG @igorzwetkow

Music: Anton Filatov / www.antonfilatov.com / IG @antoonfilatov

Make up provided by Amazingy / www.amazingy.com / IG @iamazingy

Clothes and set found on the streets, flea markets / IG @found_on_the_street