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Northwave Espresso: inspired by the 90s

“Big Sole, Bigger Soul”

The icon is back – Northwave, originally known as Calzaturifico Piva, was founded in 1972 in Montebelluna, the location being key as it was a worldwide famous shoe district. In 1989, Calzaturifico Piva acquired Northwave, a Japanese board brand invested in activities such as sailing, windsurfing and paragliding.

As the brand took the worldwide snowboard boot industry by storm, becoming #1 in the 80’s, Northwave was in a constant search of innovation of what would be the next thing.
In 1991, the company decided to create a new sneaker.

By combining two distinct elements, the sole of a snowboard boot and the upper of a sneaker, the Espresso silouhette was born. The classic sneaker stood out thanks to the typical fat boy snowboard boot sole, that contributes to its unique design even to this day. A sneaker “designed by snowboarders for people”.

Fast forward to 2014, the sneaker had a relaunch in Japan. Now, in 2019, the classic Espresso is getting a slight revamp, being released in two different materials: Suede and Leather, while the inner lining is composed of an eco-fur, which will allow the owner to wear the shoe during more than one season.

The durable and performant shoe is available in four colorways: Black, Off-White, Red and Royal Blue.