Not The Girl Next Door

KALTBLUT PRESENTS GOOSE FEEL! One part grunge, two parts flashy colours and 90s all over the place: the latest KALTBLUT editorial is finally out. We didn´t hold back on any of the decade´s landmarks, from prints to crop tops and tattoo chokers – all to show you another side of Goose Feel´s down jackets. Photography by Nicole Schuster. Model is Elizabeth Ehrlich. Styling and hair/make up by Marcel Schlutt and Nico Sutor. 


We really hope you didn´t miss out on those – it´s a rather young brand, but with lots of expertise in the field. Duvet jackets are raging this season, but Goose Feel´s spin on it is one that stands out.



goose4The design is sleek, quality is sky high, prices are interesting and they are available via e-commerce only (you can find it here: ) – it doesn’t get more current than this.


The women´s line has a slim-fit with flattering shapes and notwithstanding their incredible lightness they really do their job when it comes to keeping you warm. One of Goose Feel`s most striking features is in fact the jackets` filling, made in a special plumage called Mother Goose Down, which has the amazing capacity to return to the original shape after pressure.

goose8 +

Enjoy our editorial, Berlin vibe and all the rest!


Outerwear: Goose Feel / @Facebook
Knitwear: / @Facebook
Denimwear: Silvian Heach / @Facebook
Make up by Uslu Airlines

Photography by Nicole Schuster
is Elizabeth Ehrlich /
Styling and hair/make up
by Marcel Schlutt and Nico Sutor