Numbering Fall/Winter 2021

The brand of statement jewelry Numbering takes one more step towards sustainable and cruelty-free production with its new FW’21 collection. The season features two main lines – NMBR and Carat. The first one is classic carryover items with bold design that work with any type of outfit and the second one is sparkling yet elegant jewelry with N-dia stones, meant to be timeless and investment-worthy jewelry. /

In a bold explorative move for the Carat line, Numbering makes black pigmented pieces with a unique production technique called the ”cataphoresis method”.

The first step requires manual covering of each stone with a nonconductor material. Then the piece is dipped in a tank with fluid that contains black pigments and other materials for the process. When electric current flows through the fluid, black pigments attach to sterling silver with a metallic hue. This color coating method is the most advanced, high-tech, sustainable way of metal dying, and is widely used by the motor industry. Stone-setting jewelry with metallic color coating is so far unprecedented as the manufacturing process requires both hi-tech elements and handcrafting.

Numbering is pioneering new techniques to bring additional value to its FW’21 collection – jewelry that are valuable in their extraordinary design and unique manufacturing technology.

The brand of statement jewelry Numbering offers a unique engraved number on every single design, using delicate shades of gold and sterling silver as main elements. Focusing on the perfect balance of content and form, jewels are bold but wearable, delicate but defined.

Numbering has gained popularity among influencers such as Jourdan Sloane, Maria Bernad, Taylor La Shae, Sami Miro and other fashion gurus and has been featured at Vogue US, Vogue Spain, Vogue Hong Kong, Harper’s Bazaar US, Forbes and many other media.