Nuno Gama Spring / Summer 2018 – THE GLOBALIST

ModaLisboa S/S18 – #LUZ! Menswear designer and one of Portugal´s biggest fashion stars Nuno Gama unveiled his new stunning spring and summer collection for 2018 in Lisbon. “With global warming and the continued deconstruction of the rules of the art of well dressing, we have evolved towards the reminiscent duality of classic formalism with the deconstruction of the rigid structure of the clothing and raw materials. The omnipresent coat, lighter than before, with a more simplified inner construction and a cross between opaque and translucent, between short and long, and the inner layers remind us of watery tiles that poetically multiply themselves in rhythmic shades of blue, from the deep Atlantic to the exuberant cobalt colors and the luminous multi-layers that blend with each other in a dance of “watery” blues, contrasting with the white, second by second, in the bright Lisbon sky.”

The tile is the starting point for the concept of “refreshment”, tonal and graphic, and it aligns itself with the techniques, motives, and traditions of the Minho region, in search a new surprising language that will conquer the world.

Raw materials of open structures such as leno weave, embroideries, honeycomb effects, or even “folded” fabrics, from basic ribbing to pleats or to the subtle details of the Norfolk jacket “à la Portugaise”.

“This tile has the color of the love of my eyes that get enthralled with the rich variety of our differences and with the blue sea across which I would like to take you.”

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