NVRMIND paper №11 A Diary IS OUT NOW

“Artist Diary is the 11th issue of NVRMIND paper and the first issue of the newspaper in a new format. Initially, NVRMIND paper was created as my personal photo diary. However, starting from the very first issue I began to collaborate with various photographers, artists, illustrators and writing authors.

Over three years of the newspaper’s existence, the expansion of authors and readers of NVRMIND paper grew far beyond Ukraine. I was damn lucky to meet so many talented people that eventually became heroes of the issues. Searches and acquaintances by chance, two crowdfunding campaigns, scheduled and spontaneous photoshoots, creative work and communication twenty-four hours a day for months … And so goes every new issue. ” says Dmitry Komissarenko

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“It was an amazing experience. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in the creation of NVRMIND paper. I thank everyone who believed in this Self Publishing and supported me for three years. I thank and hug each of the readers.

Starting from this issue, NVRMIND paper returns to its original idea and becomes my personal diary, offline blog, a personal exhibition on newsprint. You will be able to see on the pages both the new series and my archival footage.

In addition! Each new issue will be created in collaboration with one of the artists, who will not only present their work but also complete the entire issue. With some artists, we will complete each other and some differ in contrast, which is also interesting. But definitely we are waiting for very unusual, unexpected results.

The theme of the first diary is Hidden. This means that partially or completely we hide the faces of people. Bob Basset masks, Gudu outfits, QR codes, framing and movement dynamics, brush strokes of the artist – all this serves as a cover for what should not be hidden and makes it possible to peep where it seems possible. The pun in the previous sentence is not intended to break your brain, but rather urges you to turn the page and get your fingers dirty.” *Dmitry Komissarenko