NVRMIND Paper – Indiegogo Campaign

Support art! NVRMIND is black-n-white quarterly fanzine that knits together erotic-art artists, photographers, designers all around the globe. “Being totally free of stereotypes and internet have driven censorship is our statement. A solely offline issue, NVRMIND gives you an opportunity to physically feel art-porn, flit through the pages hearing an erotic sound of scratching paper. NVRMIND is all about being a niche – not mass, making art – not profit, a level of performance – not a number of copies.” Help the makers of NVRMIND to do their next print issue! Indiegogo Campaign

They say: “My name is Dmitry Komissarenko. I am an esthetician and photographer. In 2016 I have come with the idea of fusing all of my true passions – black-and-white photography, music, lifestyle – into one unitary project. As tactual sensations have been always highly important for me too – I wanted to create something physical, something that can be touched and even smelled. So in our highly digital times, I’ve decided to run a quarterly paper. When my friends asked me what it will be all about, I often answered – never mind – as I didn’t really know what kind of paper it would be. So the name of the paper was born: NVRMIND. 

Arthur Gaspar – KAZAKY frontman – was one of the first celebrities to fall for my idea. He became a cover hero of the first NVRMIND issue. I poured all the cash I had gained as a photographer into that issue and in every proceeding one. Generally, in the very beginning, the project revolved around the musicians I admired and the events that inspired me. During those two years of work on NVRMIND we managed to become regular partners with Sziget Festival. On our pages were presented Lithuanian elecro-fashion duo Beissoul & Einius, Icelandic duo Gus Gus, British musicians Patrick Wolf and Gabriel Bruce, Belgian dance group Compagnie Thor – all their dancers perform naked on stage. But all those achievements were not enough for me. My obsession with erotic arts was asserting me. I needed to give vent to it through my paper. It was my trip to Berlin, which became a turning point for NVRMIND concept. I was having my first shooting and interview with Marcel Schlutt there – to make a cover story. Marcel’s personality and Berlin’s atmosphere of freedom inspired me to become more provocative with my photo shoots.”

“NVRMIND was born in Ukraine, but starting from the 8th issue we cannot publish it in our country. Any form of pornography is illegal here and at the same time, there is no clear legal definition of what has to be referred to as erotica or porn. In order not to get out of the law, and, at the same time, to stay true with our concept, we decided to publish NVRMIND in Europe – not to have any censorship restrictions.

At this stage for we need 20,000 dollars to be funded to further develop our project.” Indiegogo Campaign