ODOR S/S2021 – Lil baby of the valley

#Lookbook – The name of the new ODOR Spring-Summer collection is a play on words, homophones: “lily of the valley” and ” little “(slang” lil”) baby of the valley”. The main character of the collection is literally a “child of the fields”, a kind of analogue of the concept of Thumbelina – a fairy-tale heroine born inside a flower. This collection about freedom and unity with nature is deliberately infantile – it reads the designs, silhouettes and elements of fasteners for children’s clothing. www.instagram.com/atelierodor

Designer Nikita Kalmykov: “Lily of the Valley is my personal association with my lovely grandmother’s childhood and garden. When I visited her as a child in May, her entire garden was carpeted with lilies of the valley: elastic dark green leaves and milky inflorescences, but most importantly – the intoxicating aroma that became associated with eternal youth, the freshness of life, the first tan and wind-tousled hair.”

The new collection has a lot of colours: complex combinations of shades of blue and green with “theatrical” Magenta, all sorts of variations of white and milk. The usual lace was transformed into perforated embroidered fabrics, like waffle towels or crisp bathrobes in the morning. The mood of morning jogging and cruise relaxation.

Especially for this collection, one of the needlewomen manually created buttons that imitate lily of the valley flowers, as well as the finest brooches. In addition, there are buttons covered with vintage reps silk and Soviet plastic ones found in vintage markets.

In the coming season, ODOR finally abandons gender interpretation at the stage of design of things, so blouses and trousers, shirts and bombers, shorts and oversize jackets will look equally great in both men’s and women’s wardrobe.