ODOR Spring/Summer 2020


The new spring collection by the clothing brand ODOR is inspired by purity and youth in the face of cruelty, a rare leave of absence and a breath of fresh air set against military battles, the frailty of youth, and extraordinary courage. The primary source was Peter Jackson’s documentary film “They Shall Not Grow Old”. In their lookbook ODOR writes of salad days, infantile desires, and the dreams of youth. www.atelierodor.com // www.instagram.com/atelierodor by www.instagram.com/nikitinio

The history of the Great War and the romance of the war years, love and tragedy. The prototype for the hero was not chosen by chance but was taken from a real person – a young Channel Islander, whom war had taken unawares into the very epicentre – into the heart of Europe. His carefree world was destroyed, but his memories are vividly documented in his letters home. In them, he describes the romance of the military life, day to day existence on the front line, and he also indulges his memories, and his nostalgia for home, whilst recalling love, and his carefree childhood. He documents his life, recording extracts from his recollections on scraps of paper, looking to leave at least some memory of himself behind. As in Jackson’s film the postcards and letters, free of censorship and with a whole sense of reality, form into a unified narrative. The brand tells of that time, and of an enormous tragedy, which has been undeservedly forgotten.

“I want to remember the scent of your tears, mine dried up a long time ago. Your letter was soaked through with them, and I can no longer make out the words. I know though that by reading your letter and taking in the scent, I can kiss you anxiously. I will tell you sometime of how today, after the soggy trenches, I immersed myself for the first time in the grasses of the steppe, in the snow-white bedclothes, which had been carefully prepared by the local French girls, and sat on the bank, barely breathing. This does not last long, but I try to remember every moment, every sound, and smell, every smile, and every kind word. Should I see you again, I will keep quiet about the fears and horrors of this war, but will try and remember these fields, and this fragile youth under the onslaught of these dreadful attacks.”

The collection traditionally makes use of Richelieu vintage lace and hand decorated fabrics, light transparent textiles, and wild silk. To counterbalance them – dense cotton, reminiscent of a military cloth, vintage moire imitating decorative ribbons, details found in combat jackets, and metal accessories. Natural baroque pearls on silver chains – the tone of the collection – are a metaphor for frozen, fallen tears.  The collection is presented in the NOB showroom (@nobagency) at the following address: Moscow, Bolshaya Lubyanka 24/15 pg.3.

Style: Oksana Markina – @markina.style

Photo: Roman Erofeev – @drunk_crucian

MUA: Julia Di – @ulidi_promakeup

Model: Kirill Bykovski @agentmgmt – @kirill_bykovski

Producer: Maksim Kurik @kurikmaks