ODOR Spring/Summer 2022

The new ODOR spring-summer 2022 collection is built around the key object of the brand – the shirt. 25 objects tell the same story, but in their own different words. The collection is filled with air and childhood memories; designer Nikita Kalmykov used his own childhood drawings as sources of inspiration.


They turned into contour embroidery with a smooth surface, as if drawn on top of the fabric with felt-tip pens by three-year-old Nikita. Embroidery is the same craft product as lace, so in addition to reinterpreted drawings, traditional Mexican embroidery was used – colorful little men, based on textiles found in Mexico two years ago.

Among the fabrics of the collection, in addition to the cotton and different types of silk inherent in ODOR, technological tencel and modal are used – environmentally friendly fabrics based on recycled algae, eucalyptus and other plant fibers.

For the first time, the collection presents T-shirts, polos and shirts made of the finest cotton knitwear. Each product is filled with a variety of details from hand-typed colored edging and lace braid, vintage lace and buttons to detachable fabrics that can adjust the length of the product.

Lookbook credits:
Photo Alex Avgud @avgud
Style Nikita Kalmykov @nikitinio
Drawings 3y.o. Nikita Kalmykov @nikitinio
MUAH Tima Leo @timaleo
Models Sasha @sasha_bagrov_, Katya@katyney
Producer Alexey Iordanov @jordanidze, NOB agency @nobagency