Olimpia Whitemustache

BriAnne Wills is a self-taught American photographer from Portland, Oregon. She currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine. For our magazine BriAnne captured the Ukraine topmodel Olimpia Whitemustache. Styled by Sonya Matveeva using labels like XPOM, Mango, Rybalko, Lara Quin and Marchi. Make up & Hair by Vika Oleynik! A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. 

dress – Rybalko, coat – Mango

dress – Marchi

dress, accessory – Marchi, shoes – Lara Quint

bodysui – Rybalko, accessories – XPOM

dress – Rybalko, coat – Mango

dress – Marchi, coat – Lara Quint

dress, coat – Rybalko, clutch – XPOM

jumpsuit, shoes, bag – Lara Quint

coat – Rybalko


Photographer: BriAnne Wills www.briannewills.com
Model: Olimpia Whitemustache
Style: Sonya Matveeva
Make up & Hair: Vika Oleynik
Make up & Hair Assistant: Anna Bezvugliak

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