One to Watch: Palm Garden

Straight from her studio bedroom in Neukölln, Palm Garden’s album Feverish is a magical collection of tracks that capture a certain serenity though filled with passion. The Berlin based artist takes you to another place with her lullaby sounds and lingering lyrics. Perhaps, not grabbing you straight away the album slowly grows on you with her soft and sweet tones to reveal something with a little more texture than at first listen. Influences from the likes of PJ Harvey and Beach House are abundant throughout each track to create something beautiful and pronounces Palm Garden’s musical style without being too in your face.

The 9 track album talks of darkness and emotions in a light and whimsical way. Palm Garden sings “my heart is going for a walk, up and down up and down” in Heart whereby, you can’t help but escape to somewhere else. Experimental DIY tunes that offer a sense of surrealism and beauty – this is just the start for Palm Garden.


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