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May I introduce you to Cybersissy and BayBjane? Two eccentric gay icons who are being honoured in the film world. They’ve recently had a documentary made about them, which bears the title One Zero One and celebrated its German premiere last week. The film will see its Germany-wide cinema release date in February 2014. I know the two nightlife icons from my time in Cologne; as I made my first experiences as a young gay man, Cybersissy and BayBjane were a source of inspiration to me.

Director Tim Lienhard has successfully managed to portray the lives and talents of these two individuals in a moving documentary. One Zero One is also part of the The 7th Annual OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival Belfast – 19.11.2013!


This 90-minutes long documen-tale tells a true story about a most unique friendship, about survival at the edge of society and about the final triumph over mishaps and obstacles that seemed to have one marked for a life in the shadows. It follows a portion of the lives of 33-year-old Maroccaine-German Mourad and 48-year-old Dutch Antoine, two drag-performers, better known as CYBERSISSY and BAYBJANE, two otherworldly spirits, who light up the stages of the international party-circuit with their boundless creativity and their well calculated freakish-ness. Mourad is, at the height of 149 cm, “the smallest drag queen of the world”. Multi-disabled since birth, he has spent half his life in hospitals and homes for the handicapped. His legs are of different length, he has no regular toes, no regular fingers and just one eye. And yet he has managed to overcome the limitations of his disabilities and to transform himself into a performer who shares the stage of Matinée Group parties on Ibiza with perfectly built go-go dancers and shines even brighter than them.

All of this is, because Antoine, academic educated artist, and burdened with a disturbing family history and serious psychic problems of his own, discovered Mourad and his skills for being a performer and helped him developing the stage-persona BayBjane to match his own alter ego Cybersissy, making him the perfect counterpart for their successful club-performances.

In a colorful blend of documentary “behind the scenes” episodes from clubs around the world, private video-material, probing interviews, that reveal the inner life of our protagonists, as well as artfully staged fantasy-sequences of lush opulence, the movie celebrates the unique friendship and restless life-style of these two unlikely heroes and shows the triumph of individuality and creativity over the parts that society expects us to play. The highly emotional music of Gustav Mahler as well as contemporary club-sounds and contributions from many other musicians weave the multi-colored carpet on which this feast for the senses is unleashed.

Antoine Timmermans is Cybersissy

Antoine was born 1964 in the dutch city Tilburg, where he still lives. He studied art at three academies in the Netherlands, one of them in Den Haag, where he was spotted shopping Professors looking for customized training. In 1988 he graduated as bachelor of arts. Soon his art was recognized by his hometown and supported through a number of awards and specific grants to allow him to work independently and strive in his profession.

He designed sets for five different childrens theatre productions and got nominated for the flanders childrens theatre price.
Solo-exhibitions showed his paintings in Dilbeek, Brussels, Lithoijen and Tilburg.

In 1994 he added a new line of work to his flourishing talents and started designing costumes, props and stage sets for the “Club Fuck” in Tilburg. At around this time he invented his stage-persona CYBERSISSY and started developing her unique looks. He also worked for the famous “It”-club in Amsterdam, the “Roxy” and the “Danssalon” in Eindhoven. Subsequently he landed a permanent asignment at the”Danssalon”, making him head of the “entertaintment group”: A wild bunch of performers consisting of transvestites, dragqueens and dragkings. Here he staged performances and designed stage-outfits for 2 years at this party phenomena. In the meantime he created a new format for DutchMusicChannel Tmf. a plattform to give new DJs a first stage on a european music tv-channel.

Two years later, ever the restless artist looking for new challenges, he left the Netherlands to mix up the german party scene. Dawnproductions GmbH in Cologne called upon his talents for the “funky chicken club”, the “Crystal Crash” and gay parties at the then famous club “Lulu”. And here, at the Cologne club “Lulu” he met his future counterpart Mourad. An encounter, that would change the course of both their lives and that would lead to the creation of Mourads stage-persona “BayBjane”!
Together Cybersissy and BayBjane were the perfect team to rock the stages at clubs all over Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain. Now it seems, that BayBjane is the busier one of both of them, touring the club-stages from London to Ibiza, working on his own music, while Antoine prefers to be more home-bound, creating all those striking costumes and elaborate wig designs. But when an international club calls for Cybersissy, and something new is to be explored, he is back on stage.

Mourad Z. is BayBjane

Mourad was born in 1979 in Bonn / Germany as a child of Moroccan parents. Mourad was physically disabled from birth and handycapped and spent many years in German hospitals, later in special homes for disabled people. But Mourad wanted to live his own life, so he left the home for disabled people and started a new life in Cologne. Meeting the dutch performer Antoine here, at the famous gay club “Lulu”, turned out to be a door to a new life and into a degree of independency and recognition nobody would have thought being available to someone like Mourad.

Antoine was intrigued with his new acquaintance and created for Mourad his new stage-persona “BAYBJANE” ! This was in 2000. Since then Cybersissy & BayBjane have worked and performed together in nightclubs all over Europe as well as in New York City. The new invented BAYBJANE took her first steps at the legendary “Funky Chicken Club” in Cologne. But “Café de Paris”and “Salvation” in London followed. Quickly she became one of the most popular national and international party-performance-artists around. Shows all over the globe at the hippest clubs and cameo appearances in music videos like Paffendorf’s “Where Are You”, Eric D. Clark’s “Another Night, Another Disco”, Beatsteaks “Cut Off The Top” and Austin Howard’s “Big Bubbles, No Troubles” are proof of her uniqueness and versatility.

Today BAYBJANE, (at 148 cm the “smallest drag queen of the world”), seems to be more busy than her mentor and counterpart: 2008 was her first season on Ibiza, “…to give this island the much needed wake-up call!”…must have been what came to DJ Sven Väth’s mind, when he bumped into this special creature and immediately booked her for “Cocoon”, the leading Ibiza party of 2008. Other temples of religious party worship like “Matinée”, “La Troya” and the “Space” club soon followed the lead.

In 2009 she returned to all these clubs…and BAYBJANE became the first official worldwide mascot of the legendary “Pacha”-club. Since then David and Cathy Guetta, Campino from the “Toten Hosen” and Fedde Le Grand have become avid fans and are beloved colleagues.
 In the meantime BAYBJANE has moved to Berlin (the secret laboratory of future party life) and expanded her colourful business into producing her own music and taking part in the “Dreckqueen” project of collegue Cybersissy, while simultaneously taking singing lessons. Who would be surprised, if this multi-talent were to land a dance-floor hit? Certainly not BayBjane herself! Probably she’d perform her hit-track at her own fashion-show…

Tim Lienhard, director / producer

Tim Lienhard, born in 1960 in the “black-forest” in Germany. He was educated at the “Freie Universität” in Berlin as well as at the “Universität zu Köln” in Cologne. For 30 years now he has been working as a television reporter and filmmaker of documentaries for television. He produced and directed more than seventy feature-documentaries and thousands of tv-magazine-features, mostly for German public television-channels ARD and ZDF. Since 1999 he has furthermore expanded his range of public recognition into the French-German television-network ARTE. He continiously reports from all over the globe about all kinds of cultural activities, life-style issues and interesting personalities.

In the course of his work Tim Lienhard collaborated with artists and personalities such as QUENTIN CRISP, LEIGH BOWERY, MATTHEW BARNEY, PATTI SMITH, LOUISE BOURGEOIS, NAN GOLDIN, PIERRE & GILLES, MARILYN MANSON, TOM JONES, ANDREAS GURSKY, GILBERT & GEORGE …and so on.

ONE ZERO ONE is Tim Lienhard’s first independent feature film, produced and financed without any funding from movie-funds or television.

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One Zero One is also part of the The 7th Annual OUTBURST Queer Arts Festival Belfast!

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