Orange Culture SS17 Lookbook

#OneToWatch! LVMH Prize nominated menswear brand Orange Culture launch their SS17 lookbook and we love it! Exploring the themes of adolescent rejection, the Orange Culture SS17 collection is the union of both identity and rebellion, manifested in a playful yet provocative way. The school uniform referred to as the catalyst of the inspiration, Orange Culture asked the question; if they had a uniform, what would it be? As ever, the pieces continue to push the preconceived boundaries of what the modern man should be – toying with feminine cuts constructed from a rich menu of linens, silks, organzas and coated cottons. As with the collections before, fabrics are sourced locally to the Lagos based designer – helping to solidify their core brand beliefs for their first season at London Fashion Week back in June.

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With an innovative approach to tailoring for the stylish contemporary man, Nigeria born Adebayo Oke-Lawal describes Orange Culture as ‘a movement rather than just a clothing line’.
Having shown at Pitti Uomo as well receiving a LVMH prize nomination, the brand has gained critical acclaim from prolific industry names, including the likes of Business of Fashion, Vogue & GQ Italia.
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