P A U S E Conscious Pop-Up Store – Amsterdam, March 30 to April 2. 2017

P A U S E is a project of conscious pop-ups based on adaptability, dynamism, inclusion, and collaboration. “To celebrate sustainable fashion design, we curate a special selection of brands/designers, art exhibitions, and performances to be all together. The 3rd edition will take place at Posthoornkerk, the monumental and historic church in the centre of Amsterdam, for 4 days from March 30 to April 2.”

“We are like a “circus” that moves from place to place, adapting to different spaces and atmospheres. We are thinking of one edition in Berlin in 2017. A dynamic experience for the audience to come take a moment to create, to rethink your choices, to play.

We are always looking for brands that prioritize creativity, ethical design, and innovation. Our purpose is to connect with the soul behind the product, with dreams later than goals. Brands are displayed together with international designers framed in the philosophy of sustainability in an environment of peace and inspiration. Our sales team tell each brand story and concept to the audience and sell their products in site.”

Being part of P A U S E is a great opportunity for designers and brands to create an unforgettable experience for your consumers and to connect with new ones, to share their content and ideas, to increase their sells taking advantage of a different concept of the retail channel.

“We work with different criteria of sustainable. From fair trade brands to organics or vegan ones. From certificated products to handmade in communities all over the world. As everyone has each own approach to sustainability and we believe that we should give a space to all of them for the audience to choose it’s own. Not judging anyone but contributing to improving the way we consume.”

WEB SITE  www.pausepopup.com

INSTAGRAM @Pausepopup


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