P7 Gallery presents GOLD – Sentient Society! An exhibition

#SaveTheDate Berlin – 02.09.2022 – Sentient Society is a queer cultural event hosted at P7 Gallery which showcases art and performances in a conscious manner. The event allows its audience to explore the most rewarding task an individual can ever embark on; The journey to find one’s Self.

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“Our intention is to create reflective artistic experiences that allow the audience to enter their inner world and leave with the feeling that they learnt something about themselves.

From photography, painting, and sculpture to performance, music and meditations, we’re mixing various disciplines to create transformative experiences of community empowerment and vibrancy.

More than a show, we offer queer creatives a community space to meet, network, share their art, and their stories and express themselves with comfort, safety and freedom.

“We wish our event to create a magical space for the Berlin queer people and find together a sense of belonging, community, beauty and most importantly, hope.”

The theme of the month: GOLD

Gold has captivated human beings for as long as we’ve known about it.
We know gold as a manifestation of human wealth and prosperity but it would be biased to say its meaning ends there. Gold is also universally associated with the Sun and high spirituality. Gold is illuminating, sacred, durable; it is incorruptible – and so are we – us queer people.

Through art and performance, Berlin artists will share with you their journeys towards self-realisation and empowerment. They will show you that reclaiming spaces, connecting to your true desires and ridding limiting thoughts are the seeds for us to grow into powerful, luminous and inspiring beings; in other words: to manifest our Gold.

1. Mariami Aianadi – Dance Performance

2. Lawunda Richardson – Drag, Dance and Performance

4. Mica Frisch – Jewellery Artisan

5. Fedya Ili – Photography

6. minu – Performance Art

7. Blake – Live Music Performance

8. Spyros Rennt – Photography

9. BLUE ALIEN – Live Music Performance