Paris! 12.11.18 – 03.12.18 – Satyriconte! An exhibition of photos and drawings

Satyriconte or the contemporary tale of a satyr. A research which inquire inside the notion of desire. Save the date Paris for Satyriconte! An exhibition of photos and drawings. Opening November 12th, 7pm. Exhibition till December 3rd at Le Duplex – 25 rue Michel le Comte, Paris.

Satyriconte is a series photo which reveals the life of a satyr roaming in our world. The satyr arises from a thorny shade and comes to disturb the daily life of the human beings. The satyr insufles of the desire, the one who extends beyond bodies and pulled in the bestiality.

Satyriconte is a serie of improvised drawings. Without premeditation, the pencil spreads a line, a form, then confrontations of organic and inorganic object. The set reveals appearances of abrupt desire chiselled by the strange.

What? Where? When?

or the contemporary tale of a satyr
is a search led by the Satyric Circle.
The Satyric Circle groups various artists of France, Spain and Holland.

Facebook Event

Opening november 12th, 7pm

Exhibition till December 3rd

Le Duplex – 25 rue Michel le Comte, Paris

Subway: Rambuteau
7pm – 3am

Satyriconte is a french play on words mixing Tale’s universe with Satire’s world. It’s a research questioning the process and the consequences of the good education. It reconsiders the ancestral function of the civilization which moderates our physical ardour.

Now, surrounded by the pornocraty, how reacts our beast side?
It wonders about the origin of our desire: is it a porno-copy or is it coming from deep in ourselves? And what happens to our humanity beyond our pulsions?

To explore this land of wondering, we choose to follow the possible life of a satire in our contemporary world. The purpose is to approach the paradoxes between our social corset and the desires which overtake us. It could be a quest from the darkness of a bush to the light nearby our bed just before we switch off.

Satyriconte is a work-in-process project.
It is fed by several people involved in this research.
The shadow of this plot reflects the shadow of the satire life.

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